31 August 2007

For Free SMS or Txt messaging use Chikka Messenger

Are you addicted to txt (text) messaging and want to do it for free? introducing Chikka Messenger. Chikka Messenger is out for quite some time now maybe 3-4yrs ago. anyway back then you can only SMS or txt people from the Philippines but now you can also SMS or txt your relative living or working abroad.

Chikka Messenger is really a useful application to have on your desktop SMS anyone anytime.. and now Chikka messenger is also available all you MAC/Linux(Chikka Java Lite) User out there... and chikka messenger also have a Web Messenger version. Using chikka web messenger you can also use it to login to your Yahoo Messenger(YM), Google Talk(GTalk), MSN, ICQ, and AOL.. (Just Like Meebo without the free SMS Feature)...

anyway to Download Chikka Messenger here are the Links....

Instead using Chikka Messenger Javalite i suggest use the new Chikka Messenger for Web

30 August 2007

SM Hypermart : Taste Asia 2

Many thanks to SM Hypermart : Taste Asia for hosting and sponsoring the last blogger event. It is really a great exprience attending a blogger event sponsored and hosted by SM Hypermart @ Taste Asia, the food is great and the service is fast and the servers dont forget what you requested and you dont have to ask twice thats why i recommend taste asia to my friends and family, not unlike some of the cosy resturant i've been and i know.. Anyway if your going to visit Mall of Asia anytime of the day i suggest you go visit and try eating at Taste Asia near SM Hypermart at the right wing of Mall of Asia.....

27 August 2007

Zoul1380 : The Sports Blog

I just started my sports blog hope you check it out! The Sports Blog

Do you want to know more? click here

25 August 2007

Heroes Season 2

Tv Series

Heroes Season 2 promotional Video.. the season 2 of heroes will air on September 24

Tv Series

22 August 2007

Bench Buddies

picture ng mga bench buddies ko sa office :) oh diba mukhang walang ginagawa talaga hehhe...

from left to right

nakaka miss rin pala ang mga days na magkakasama kami tapos walang magawa kundi umikot, kumain at mag bored meeting hehhe... o san ka pa diba... halos lahat na kami na deploy or yun iba nag shadow na sa mga projects sa office... kailan kaya kami ma bench ulit or magkakasama ulit sa pag iikot pag kain maya maya and pag bobored meeting..

naalala ko pa sympre hindi busy papasok ng late uuwi ng maaga.. lunchout ng maaga balik ng 2pm hehhee... pero ngayon lunch ng 12 balik sa office bago mag 1pm ehehhe... RELAX PA KAMI DATI NGAYON STRESS NA wehehehhe...

19 August 2007

Multiple Yahoo Messenger

i found this registry tweak on the internet where in you can run a multiple yahoo! messenger on your PC. this tweak is ideal for people who has a multiple yahoo! Account..

heres how...
  • run REGEDIT



  • on the right pane RIGHT CLICK and choose NEW - DWORD VALUE

  • rename the DWORD VALUE to PLURAL

  • DOUBLE CLICK and assign a DECIMAL VALUE of 1
It works for me and i'm sure it would also work for you....
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15 August 2007

Blogger Food Fest Again!!! Believe it!!!!

Oh yes.. a food fest would be much yummier and more delightful the second time around. Why? guess what it was just last 2-3 months ago since the last blogger food fest i attended on Taste Asia at MOA..

Am i excited? oh yes! paano ba naman di ako ma eexcite eh libre yun and overflowing ang food and drinks hehhe.. yun ibang food na di ko natikman last time ay titikman ko sa Aug23 hehhe.,. and saka sympre i will have the chace to meet new blogger friends.. and makikita ko ulit un mga na meet ko na blogger.

Are you a blogger? and would like to join the Blogger Food Fest? visit Aileen Apolo's Blog and Register

09 August 2007

10 years on the internet...

Internet Links

1997 is the year when i first experience the internet grabe.. i still can remember the 1st two website that i visited that is www.aol.com and www.yahoo.com the first IM i've download ICQ the first IRC Client i've used mIRC grabe ang daming first. ngayon 2007 na i realize na 10yrs na pala ako na nag iinternet. dami na rin changes ang nagyari sa cyberspace.. i think i've done almost everything i can do on the internet.. i met many friends on the internet some of them i've met personally some of them dont. 

Wow 10years on the internet...

what about you..????

Internet Links

02 August 2007

Long Time. no blog. why? busy sa Office?! really?

Wow its been a long since i've last posted here in my blog.. sorry sa mga readers if ever na meron :) anyway i've quite busy sa office puro bored meeting kasi dun hehhe.... yes sobrang busy ko hehhe for the very 1st time busy.

Anyway lagi kaming food trip sa office pano ba naman ano pa gagawin namin dun kung di mag iikot ikot sa kanya kanyang pwesto pagtapos nun kain naman haha.. pero last 2weeks talaga busy ako kasi my internal project ako na ginagawa web based yun lufet !!!

Yun project na ganawa pala namin yun Online Request Center... hehhe baka gusto mo rin mag pagawa murang mura lang.. dali na habang paikot ikot pa ako ng office and pakain kain lang

So pano dear reader hangang dito na lang sleepy na ako eh.. maaga pa ako gigising bukas..