27 February 2008

Super Mario 3 : 100 lives Video how to

Here is the video on how you will do the 100 lives in Super Mario 3

to read my previous post regarding this stuff click here

Cat and Mouse by RJA

this is a good song titled Cat and Mouse by RJA (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus)


25 February 2008

Super Mario 3 : 100 Lives

I dont know if you know that you can do the 100 lives in Super mario 3. I learned about this last week from my officemate he told ne that i can do 100 lives in Super Mario 3 at first i doubt him because i thought that he's just fooling me and to my surprise he's not and he's telling the truth.

You can do this (100 lives technique) on world 3 Level 9 of mario 3. All you have to do is get the turtle and bring it to the to cannon and kick it inside and imediately go above it and you will see the cannon fire cannon ball/rocket on it and the turtle will just kill it eventually leveling up the score up to the point it will produce a 1up and all you have to do is stay there for a while and you will see your lives increase up to a 100.

I'll post some video of it if i have time :) so right now be satisfy with the screen shot of the place you can do the 100lives

24 February 2008

Vantage Point Movie

It's a vey exciting and good movie! its a movie involving 8 person and their own point of view on the event where the president of the United States was Assasinated. It's a movie to watch... so watch it :)

vantage point

22 February 2008

Friday is the Day

Well Friday nanaman as ussual nakakatamad… hahay bakit kaya ganon pag Friday well kaya sobrang dami mo na ginagawa eh ganon parin nakakatamad pa rin, siguro iniisip niyo na wala siguro akong gingagawa kaya ako nagbloblog well marami akong gingagawa nakakatamad lang talaga at di lang yun inaantok pa ako hehehe…

It’s Friday again and it’s for me to relax and shake off all the stress that’s been building up this past four days…

20 February 2008

Ways to catch a Tiger


1. Newton’s law : allow the tiger to catch you, then you catch tiger.
2. Einstein’s law : chase the tigeruntil the tiger be-comes tired,then you catch the tiger.
3. Pinoy police method : catch a cat & beat it until it admits that it is a tiger.



Galing talaga ng Pinoy!!! J



17 February 2008

Jumper Movie Review

Let's cut the crap Jumper is not a very good movie to watch its just a waste of time and money. The story is not good the climax is not does not deserve to be called a climax.

My rating to this movie is 3 of 10....

Trust me not a very good movie to watch

14 February 2008

Valentines Day...

Valentines Day.... sigh... this valentines day marked as another 1st for me. This Valentines day was the 1st time i gave flower to any girl and that lucky girl is my girlfriend im not really into giving flowers or anything but last night she kept telling me that i should give her flowers cause it's valentines day.

Anyway I've done it... i bougth her flowers and i personally delivered it on her office.

Special thanks to my officemate/friends who help me choose the best flower in the flower shop...

11 February 2008

My New PC

Today i Got my new PC

My PC Specs

Quad Core 2.4GHz
ASUS P5B Deluxe
320 Gigabyte HD
512 Palit Video Card

Bring it on!!!! :)