29 January 2008

Road Rage

This past few months I’ve been noticing something about me, when it comes to driving specially when It involves me and a stupid driver. I easily get irritated to that stupid driver and wanting to go down my car and trash that stupid driver together with his car …


I think this is a symptoms of Road Rage.




16 January 2008

Year-End Report Meme

I have been tagged by Makoy

January to March - All my previous topic was lost and i started all over again!

April to June - Started thinking if i am really a blogger or what. and i got hook up on watching American inventor but eventually did not finish the series. Also posted some usefull application.

July to September - I got a new job and also bought a new toy(Rubik's Cube), Reviewed Sopcast a free Live streaming application, changed my blogger template, Transformer the movie premiered at the big screen here in the Philippines, and also in this month was my first blogger gathering that i attended. and on this month i also reached the 10th yr of using the internet. On September one of my beloved dog died and ON the last week of this month I bought a new dog so that my other dog would have a companion to play with.

October to December - My blog Page Rank is 4/10. this have been the busies month of my year thats why i did not have time to blog. but also in this month i reached one of my highest earning in a day on adsense.

All you need to do is to collate the major happenings in your life in a quarterly basis. The trick is, you can only base on happenings posted in your blog. I know this is hard labor, but you would definitely enjoy reading your old posts. I was grinning to reminisce some events in 2007. By the way, if you are not included in the list, you are free to write your own.

People i will Tag : A Z R A E L , An Apple a Day , M A R U I S M and You! :)

14 January 2008

Big Break

 Tagal ko rin di nakapag blog. sobrang busy kasi ako lately dito sa office lalo na ngayon na assign na ako sa bagong project.. Ok yun bago ko na project kasi big break sa akin ito kasi new technology ang gagamitin.... kaya lang medyo pressured kasi i have to meet the expectation ng team leader. kaya todo aral and para di siya mapahiya sa akin kasi sya yun nag recomend sa akin and alam ko na she believes na kaya ko yun work.. kaya yun medyo pressured pero kahit ano pa yan kakayanin ko. Saka magandang start to sa New Year ko... sana magtuloy tuloy lahat this Year.. and sa susunod na taon pa...

01 January 2008

Happy New Year!