25 November 2007

Prison Break

Prison Break Season 3 will resume airing on January! Why is this? I'm wondering maybe this is due to the writer's strike.

January 14, 2008 (8/7pm): Episode 3.09 - Boxed In
January 21, 2008 (8/7pm): Episode 3.10 - Dirt Nap
January 28, 2008 (8/7pm): Episode 3.11 - Under and Out
*italics represent unconfirmed air dates & episodes

18 November 2007

The Best Thing in Blogging

i have been blogging for almost a year now, and yes its fun and you get to express yourself and say things inside you that you want to share or just some rant or shout-out you want for every of your readers to know. Yes i get to meet new friends and share ideas with them.

It all started December last year where in im trying to look for some extra income, my friend told me to try blogging and put ads on it so that i can earn some extra income on it. long before i know, i realize that i enjoy blogging alot and the extra cash i earn is just a bonus :) .

As of right now i have a total of 10 blogs and 6 of them are active. my Personal blog is http://zoul1380.blogspot.com i hope you visit my site and leave some comment. my blog is all about anything i can think of. Another best thing in blogging is you can post anything you want ofcourse there will be some crtizizm of you post something offensive but hey its your blog. :)

  1. You meet new friends

  2. You earn extra income

  3. you get to express yourself

  4. Exchange of Ideas

  5. Everything is great…. so try blogging now

  6. Lots more im sure

  7. Visit my blog :) http://zoul1380.blogspot.com or http://zoul1380.wordpress.com

16 November 2007

SNAG IT a screen capture tool

Are you looking for perfect screen capture tool? look no further, i present to you SNAGIT!

SnagIt is a very powerfull screen capture tool. It does not only capture your screen, a window on your screen or an area in your screen and it can also capture video. for example if you want to capture the video from your Yahoo Messenger Webcam SnagIT can do that for you.. if you want to try SNAGIT you can download a Trial Version @ TechSmith

A Busy Week

its been a long week for me and its 9pm friday and im still in the office! what the ....! tawag diyan is dedication and hard work.. wahahah.,..
hirap talaga mag work namimiss ko tuloy yun mga student years ko dati nun nag aaral sabi ko sana maka graduate na ako para wala ng school school wala ng teacher na mag bibigay ng assignment and quizes. yun pala mas malala pag nag wowork ka na kasi lalo na pag puro deadline katulad ngayon ang gimik ko dito sa loob ng office kasama ang iba ko na ka officemate na my ginagawa din di mo rin makausap kasi busy nga.. well this is life. Sana Sweldo na para maramdaman ko na ang mga pinag hihirapan ko hehe..

13 November 2007

Fire Drill

Kung kailan meron akong tinatapos saka magkakaroon ng fire drill hay.. kakainis.. so ganito nangyari nag wowork ako sa sobrang lakas ng siren nagulat ako effective pati yun iniisip ko na possible solution dun sa application ko nawala sa utak ko wahhhhh... badtrip kaya eto ngayon ako di pa rin tapos baka meron sa inyong nakaka-alam kung anong klasseng error ito? : "Microsoft Excel Biff8 error" this error is killing me for days! no weeks na pala grrrr... die MSOffice! ayoko sa inyo! anyway uwi na ako late na.. bukas na lang ulit ng umaga....
Oo nga pala regarding dun pa sa fire drill nasa 46th floor pala kami siyempre pag fire drill kailangan mo gamitin yun fair exit.. sa sobrang taas ng floor namin pag dating ko sa baba gusto ko na umuwi sa pagod kahit pala pababa lang nakakapagod din lalo na pag nasa pinaka itaas na floor ka pa! badtrip noh...
Anyway Uwi na ako wasted na rin ako eh.... bye!
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12 November 2007

Elevator Fee

Good Morning People it's been a relaxing weekend for me. how about your weekend? Everyday when we go to our school or offices we always use the elevator to go to our floor.

Anyway I'm just wondering what if we have to pay to use the elevator, and the payment will depend on how many floors you'll go up/down. lets Just say you have to pay 1/peso for every floor and your office is at the 50th floor hmmm.. then you have to pay 100 pesos everyday going to office and what if you will go out for lunch or do some erand outside the office. hehe.. just a funny thought. :)

Again Good day.. :)

10 November 2007

Good News and Bad News

Bad News : Right now while watching the news it was announce that the price of gas would go up.

Good News : It was said that Electric Bill will go down.

Comment : good for me I'm not bringing my car everyday.

09 November 2007

News! Demonoid Shut Down!


Yes one of my favorite torrent tracker site was shutdown today by the CRIA.. Demonoid was one of the safest torrent tracker where you can download virus free software. I hope Demonoid can find a new server wherein they can host their site...