30 September 2010

Reeyen's 1st dip at the beach

Reeyen's 1st dip at the beach of Boracay

27 September 2010

Strike a Pose!

Reeyen striking a pose after a foreigner ask to take her photo.

House / Lot Hunting

This is the only image I've taken in the entire house hunting this is in Somerset Pasig.

Today we went out to check out on some house / lot that we are interested in, we checked on 3 sites but I only remember 2 of them the house at Somerset Pasig and in Grand Monaco also in Pasig. This 2 sites stands the best for me. 

The house that we went on Somerset caught my attention the best cause in my opinion it has a good location and a very good community. It has wide road and good house designs, although it is quit pricey but I think it is worth it.

Then the Lot that at Grand Monaco, still not expensive cause it is still in it's pre-selling stage, but there are house that i think 70% finished. What I like about this site it is near C5 and near Mandaluyong, Taguig, Makati , QC. so it's a plus point for me still decision has to be made this week.

So what will it be Somerset or Grand Monaco???

20 September 2010

Gift Mug

A week after my birthday a friend gave me this mug as a gift  for my birthday. thanks to Rocel! 

 [ day 7 ]

19 September 2010

Jazz Residence

Our tour

Living room


Dinning room

Late last year I decided to get a condo in Makati and I got the Jazz Residence in Makati along Jupiter St. today I saw the actual finish of the condo that I bought.

I'm not really happy when I saw it. It looks really small for me. but still a good investment..

18 September 2010

Canon Selphy 1st Prints

This is are the 1st prints from my Canon Selphy which I buy last Wednesday.

day 5

17 September 2010

Stuck in Traffic

Friday traffic at Ayala Ave. Buti na lang flexi time.. 

[day 4 ]

16 September 2010

Day in the office

This was taken on my last few days in this office. will surely miss all my colleague. 

day 3

15 September 2010

Canon Selphy

After months of planning I finally bought my own photo printer. 
This Printer is commonly use in photo booths

[day 2]

14 September 2010

What's that look?

what's that look?

[day 1]

My Birthday

Yesterday marks my 30th year alive! wow I'm that old but nah.. age is just a number it does not represent me :) hehhe.. 

I had a wonderful birthday celebration, my friends greeted me(special thanks to Facebook) and I spend it with the people important to me.

Thanks to all that remembered my birthday and being part of it.

Day 1:

12 September 2010

Bread Noodles

Today my merienda was Lucky Me Pancit Canton(Chili Mansi) & Garlic Bread. Sarap!

11 September 2010

Beware! Killer!

killed a dozen of rats and 4 cat's!

Just yesterday I learned that my dog Tyra killed another cat, an adult cat! Again!, I don't know why she do this but I think it is all on instinct. The 1st time she killed a cat was I think years ago. So cat's beware! I don't want you to fall victim to my dog. to all the cat's that my dog killed it's not her fault, she's just acting on instinct to the rats that's been lurking outside our house your next! stay out or die! :) 

10 September 2010

Blue Screen of Death

I was hit by the Blue Screen of Death last Thursday!!! It's a good thing that I already saved all my work that time whew.... I'm using Windows 7.

09 September 2010

Reeyen on Where is

This is my baby Reeyen she's 1yr and 6months old here in this video :)

03 September 2010


Time flies so fast it's already September and I'm hoping that this month would be my lucky month, so far so good.. there are blessing coming in my way :) hope this will continue till next year oh luck don't leave me hehe.. 

September is also my birth month, on this month another year will past and another year will start for me. I hope just like last year it will all go smoothly.  

A lot has happened last year I think the highlight of my previous year is when my daughter Reeyen turned 1yr old and Me going outside the country, It was my 1st time going of the country well I can say that experience is one memorable one. Reeyen turning one this is one event I would never forget in my Life.. 

Since my new year will start in a few day's I'm wondering what this new year has in store for me. :) ... Never the less I will make sure it will still be as memorable as last year or even greater than last year... :)