24 July 2007

Prisoner's on the dance.

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i saw this at the news and i think it would be a good to post :)

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Rubik's Cube my new toy

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Last sunday i bought my new toy. The Rubik's Cube i've been planning to have this toy for years now and finally i have it!!!


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20 July 2007

Link Exchange With me :)

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Just Leave a comment and link so that i can add you up....


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18 July 2007

SopCast: Live TV Online

Live TV Strream


did you ever feel that your cable TV provider dont have enough channel? or are you in your office with nothing to do? do you have a broadband internet connection? if all your answers is "YES" let me introduce to you my new discovered Desktop Application.

SopCast is a desktop application that would let you watch online TV live?! yes you heard me right LIVE! with a slight 30-60Second delay but who cares it is still live.

Channels? Well they have lots of channel from Sports Channel, News Channel, to Entertaiment Channels just to name the few of a wide variety of categories.

oh bofore i forget you can also broadcast your own channel here.. cool right? AND IT'S FOR FREE!!!
Download SOPCAST Now


15 July 2007

Titanic 2: The Sequel

11:41 am
Have you watched it? Titanic 2 The Sequel's Trailer....

Cool right? whoever made this video is sure know what his doing...

My Vote on "Proudly Pinoy" Logo Design Competition

After looking and looking for several hours i finally chosen the logo i would vote for and my vote goes to (drum roll) to BRY entry #261

here is the logo I'm rooting for:

Zoul1380 Supports: Proudly Pinoy

1:00am :

i really support this idea. and i encourage YOU! to support this too.. i can't wait to put the logo of the winner of the "Proudly Pinoy Logo Making Contest" here in my blog..

anyway if you want to help the judges chose the winner go visit http://www.proudlypinoy.org/ to read the instruction on how to vote for your favorite logo.

1:15am :

12 July 2007

New Look **Still Under Construction ***

I've change the layout of my blog do you like it? please leave a comment so that i can do some improvement thank you... :) before i forgot my blog is still under construction.. so all your suggestion would really matter thank you...


09 July 2007

I know a Hero...

im proud to announce that i know a friend who's now called a hero of our revolution. She is Ms. Aileen Apolo dubbed as Ms. Google Philippines.

Honestly, I admire her why?
  1. She's one of the most hardworking person i know.
  2. She's stress proof
  3. She's multi tasking
  4. She's always on the go...
  5. She always hyperventilate :)
anyway here is the prof that i know a hero :)

Catch her on :

The Philippines 1st Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit on August 9 and 10, 2007, to be held at the Grand Ballroom, Hotel Intercontinental Manila, Makati City, Philippines.

To Register Visit -> http://www.interactivesummit.com.ph/

08 July 2007

Transformers : more than meets the eye

The movie was awesome!!!! I hope that there would be a part 2

07 July 2007

7 7 7

Well they say today ( July 7 2007) its a lucky day hmmm.. is it really true for me???
did luck sided on me today

9am - i woke up...
10am - i drove my mom at her office
11am - i arrived home
12n - i took my lunch
1pm - i fetch my mom from her office
2pm - i arrive home
3pm- i slept
5pm- i woke up/ Watch a movie (Funshui)
7pm - blogging about 7 7 7

What! nothing special happened in the past 10hrs.. i still have 5hrs to be lucky!!!! whehehe

06 July 2007

Paradise Philippines

this would be the most searched keyword for filipino SEO'ers who will join the contest of mr. marc (they call him the god father of Philippine SEO and the Founder of SEO Philippines ). this contest was brought to my attention last tuesday night at the Blogger Food Fest @ Taste Asia. I've talked with some SEO'er that night and they inspired me so now i will join the contest and try my best match up with them(wow!!! handa na ba ako?! ohh no...) hehe.. it wont hurt to try naman diba? hehe.. whehehe GooD LUCK SA AKIN!!!!


04 July 2007

Taste Asia. taste so goood.... tnx!!!

i would like to give a very big thanks to taste asia for providing us and giving me a free taste of their delicious food.. sarap talaga kung di lang talga nakakahiya mag take home mag tatake home ako eh hehhe..

and thanks to them for making my First Time a very memorable one...

Saya ng first time...

well i had a blast last night i met so many blogger and the event was really really great!!!! i just can't wait for the next event to come hehehe.... woohoooo Free Food!!!

to all the people I've met: it's been a pleasure meeting you aLL!!!...

Saya ng First time... !!!