31 May 2008

Watch Game 6 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston Live at Sopcast

Watch Game 6 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston Live at Sopcast

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30 May 2008

Watch Game 5 of the San Antonio Spurs vs LA Lakers

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The LA Lakers are looking to close out their series against the Defending Champion San Antonio Spurs.

Watch Game 5 of the San Antonio Spurs vs LA Lakers Live at Sopcast

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29 May 2008

Watch Game 5 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston

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Watch Game 5 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston Live at Sopcast

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28 May 2008

Watch Game 4 of the Lakers vs Spurs Live at Sopcast


The San Antonio is looking to tie the series on Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals. While the Lakers is looking to bounce back from a 19pt llost against the Spurs

Watch the LA Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs game 4 Live at Sopcast or TVU

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27 May 2008

Googe Earth Like Application on iPhone

This is simply wicked cool. Although I'm not a huge fan of the iPhone, in terms of it being a cell phone, I'm immensely impressed by its touch screen interface. Here's an example of that interface being put to amazing use by a company called Earthscape, who produces a virtual Earth app that is similar to Google Earth. Take a look at this video which shows how you can get the Earth to spin by moving the phone around.

26 May 2008

Watch Game 4 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston

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After winning their first road win the Boston Celtics will try again to win at the road on their Game 4 against the Detroit Piston, or will the Detroit Piston bounce back and tie the series.

Hamilton, who has 2,348 career points in the playoffs, broke Isiah Thomas' franchise record for postseason scoring this year. He scored a game-high 26 points in Boston's 94-80 win in Game 3 and matched a team record by making all 16 of his free throws.

He'll break another franchise mark in Game 4 on Monday night when he and the Pistons try to even the Eastern Conference finals against the Celtics.

Hamilton is set to play in his 114th playoff game, surpassing Bill Laimbeer's team record.

Ray Allen the eight-time All-Star scored 23-plus points a game over eight seasons with Milwaukee and Seattle before his scoring averaged dipped to 17 points this season as the third wheel of Boston's Big Three.

In 1996, he became the first Husky to be a back-to-back All-American as he led the school to at least the NCAA regional semifinals in each of his three seasons. Allen left school early as the third-leading scorer in program history and the Bucks drafted him No. 5 overall.

Watch Game 4 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston Live at Sopcast

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25 May 2008

Watch Game 3 of the LA Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs

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After the Lakers demonstrated their composure behind MVP Kobe Bryant to rally from a 20-point deficit for a narrow Game 1 victory, they routed the Spurs in Game 2. Holding San Antonio to 34.5 percent shooting, Los Angeles essentially had the win in hand before the last quarter.

Only two Spurs-Tim Duncan and Tony Parker-scored in double digits.

The Lakers outperformed the defending champions in just about every category. They shot nearly 55 percent from the field, boasted five players with double-digit scoring and outrebounded San Antonio 44-36.

Game 3 is Sunday and Game 4 is Tuesday in San Antonio.

The Spurs are 6-0 at home this postseason, winning by an average of 10.5 points. They blew the first big opportunity they had to steal a game in Los Angeles, but have a chance to regroup and even the series at home.

Watch Game 3 of the LA Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs Live at Sopcast, LA Lakers lead 2-0.

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23 May 2008

Free SMS! Read all about it.

DOTC wants SMS to be free
By Paolo Romero
Friday, May 23, 2008

The government will be prodding telecommunications companies to no longer charge users for text messaging service since this is supposed to be free under their public franchises, officials said yesterday.

Transportation and Communications Secretary Leandro Mendoza said a petition will be filed before the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to compel the telecommunications firms to make the short messaging system (SMS) or “text messaging” free.

The Philippines is considered the text messaging capital of the world as Filipinos send hundreds of millions of text messages a day owing to promotions and gimmicks by mobile phone companies such as unlimited text messaging, and increasing subscriber base, reports said.

Mobile phone subscribers are expected to reach over 50 million by yearend through carriers like Globe Telecom, Smart and Sun Cellular.

Since physical infrastructure of landlines remains inadequate and mobile phone units are relatively cheap, text messaging has been the main form of communication even among poor families.

A single text message costs anywhere from P1 to P2.50.

Mendoza said if the petition before the NTC bears fruit, the cost of mobile communications will go down significantly.

“We are studying this now. Carriers should only charge for voice calls because in their franchise, they only pay for voice services. Text messaging is not really considered a service and should be free,” Mendoza said.

In Memorandum Circular No. 8-9-95, the NTC classified SMS as “value-added service” or “enhanced service” provided by telecommunications firms.

He admitted that the move would be controversial and would be strongly opposed by industry players.

“This will be a long battle. But for the DOTC, we believe that texting should be free, the Philippines currently has one of the highest rates in cellular phones in Asia,” he said.

Taken from : PhilStar.COM

Third-party ads on the Google content network

The Google content network now accepts display ads served from qualified third-party vendors. Third-party ad serving has been a longstanding request from top brand AdWords advertisers who use third parties to create and manage their online campaigns. Initially, we will be only accepting third-party ads in English, but we hope to expand to other languages soon.

Making the Google content network more accessible to large brand advertisers also benefits AdSense publishers and end users. Third-party ad serving will introduce a greater variety of advertising into the Google content network, increase the inventory of quality display ads competing to show on AdSense publisher sites, and offer more engaging ads for end users. In the long run, we believe the increased inventory and ad competition will result in increased revenue for many AdSense publishers.

Rest assured that ad quality on the content network will remain one of our highest priorities. Only advertisers with whom we have proven relationships and who've clearly demonstrated commitments to our quality standards may participate in this program. And our policies governing ad content and formatting are unchanged.

How to control third-party ads shown on your site
The same ad management features for Google ads also apply to third-party ads. You can use the Ad Review Center to filter specific placement-targeted ads from appearing on your site. To block contextually-targeted ads from a given advertiser, you can use the Competitive Ad Filter. (The Ad Review Center currently only shows placement-targeted ads, not contextually-targeted ads.)

Optimizing your site to allow third-party ads
To allow third-party ads on your site:

  1. Opt into image ads - Currently, third-party ads are only available in image or Flash, so they won't appear in text-only ad units.
  2. Enable advertisers to target your AdSense channels - Most advertisers who use third-party ads are brand-conscious. They prefer to specify websites where their ads will appear in order to optimize the targeting and effectiveness of their campaigns.
  3. Opt into placement targeting - Placement targeting will allow advertisers to target their ads specifically to your site.

Following these steps will enable your site to accept third-party ads. However, we can't guarantee where or when third-party ads will appear on your site.

Want to learn more about third-party ads? Visit our FAQ.

Microsoft Live Search Bribing Users

Microsoft is at least for now, aiming to become the Discover Card of search engines by bribing luring … ummm.. encouraging users to its Live Search site with the cha-ching sound of cash.

Just one catch. You need to follow links off of Live Search to vendors associated with the program and make a purchase.

Oh yeah, you gotta get up to $5 worth of rewards before you can claim it. That tells us that you shouldn't expect to make very much money back from this. Time will tell if they actually make any inroads into Google and Yahoo's search engine market share.

Watch Game 2 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston

Channels Updated....

Watch Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals
live at Sopcast / TVU


Watch Game 2 of the Boston Celtics vs Detroit Piston

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*The Channels are working i tested both of them myself... =)

22 May 2008

Watch Game 1 of LA Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs

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Watch Game 1 LAKERS vs SPURS

Western Conference Finals
live at Sopcast / TVU


LOS ANGELES (AP)-The Spurs-Lakers rivalry has been on hiatus since 2004 for one simple reason: The Lakers haven't been very good.

They are now.

So the NBA's dominant teams of the past decade meet again, with the winner taking a giant step toward another possible championship.

"As far as the playoffs go, it's San Antonio," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said Tuesday when asked if the Spurs were his team's biggest rival.

"We've had our battles. We've had some great match ups," Lakers star Kobe Bryant said. "It feels great to be back at that level, matching up with San Antonio."

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if The channels are offline it's either the game is over or or it hasn't started yet, or it is really offline or just retry

21 May 2008

Site Keyword Rank

Search Keyword Ranking is a SEO Desktop application tool, I made that will automatically check the position of your URL for a specified Keyword on Google.

System Requirement:

Windows XP/Vista and .NET Framework 3.5

Download Site Keyword Rank

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals...

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Watch Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals
live at Sopcast / TVU


The Detroit Pistons will go to Boston Garden to play game 1 of their Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics.

After eliminating the Orland Magic on game 5 of their series the Detroit Pistons are well rested and ready to face the Boston Celtics on game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals

Unlike Detroit Piston the Boston Celtics struggle to win games at the road and they are the only un-eliminated team in the playoffs that does not have any road win.

Channel for Boston Celtics vs Detroit Pistons

20 May 2008

Another Text Scam

Last Sunday i receive this text message saying that, "That it is his/her last text and she got something important to tell me, and i need to send a 150 load so that the he/she can relay me that important message" this is another scam message from someone who thinks he can fool me


"d2 ka reply or call nalang send ka load 150pesos
importante sasabihen ko sayo last txt na e2"


Watch Game 7 of the New Orleans Hornet vs San Antonio Spurs

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Watch Game 7 of the New Orleans Hornet vs San Antonio Spurs live at sopcast/tvu. The New Orleans Hornet are looking forward to advance on their 1st NBA conference finals in 20years since the franchise started. While the San Antonio Spurs are relying on their championship experience to defeat the New Orleans Hornets and advance to Western Conference finals against the La Lakers

David West, who played with back pain in Game 5, fell to the floor with 10:11 left after being picked from behind by Spurs forward Robert Horry, who was called for an offensive foul. Laying face down on the floor, West put his left arm behind him and rested it on his lower back before going to the locker room will play on Game 7.

Sopcast Channel - ++CHannels Updated++

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19 May 2008

Reset Windows Administrator Account

First let's walk through what you need to do. The screen shots below are from my Windows Vista machine, but Windows XP and NT are also supported.

Obligatory caveat - this utility has been around for a while, and has a good reputation. However, as with any third party software that's going to operate on sensitive system areas, you are always at risk. Make sure you have a good backup of your machine prior to performing these operations. And of course use of utilities of this nature are entirely at your own risk.

"If it's not physically secure, it's not secure."

First, download and burn to CD the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor. This is actually a highly customized version of Linux, that's designed to do exactly what the name implies: allow you to examine and edit the password information and registry of a Windows machine.

Boot from that CD you just burned. You'll end up with something like this on your screen:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor initial screen

Don't let all the stark plain text worry you, the process for what we're doing is actually pretty simple.

Here's the relevant portion of that screen, enlarged:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor Step 1

You can see that the utility has found multiple disks and/or partitions, and is asking which one I want to work on. In my case I know that the partition listed as the larger 1 (74207MB) is my Windows drive, so I enter 2 to select it and press Enter. Next:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor Step 2

After selecting the disk we want to use, the utility now asks us for the location of the registry. The utility has correctly guessed the location, Windows/system32/config, so all I need to is press Enter to move on.

Next it asks more specifically what it is we want to operate on:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor Step 3

In this case the default answer Password reset, which indicates which portions of the system are to be worked on, is the correct one so all I need to do is press Enter.

Now it asks what we want to do:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor Step 4

We're here specifically to operate on passwords, so once again the default answer of 1 is correct, and I simply press Enter.

Now things get interesting.

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor Step 5 - account list

You can see here that the utility has listed all the user accounts on my machine: Administrator, Guest, and the account I actually login with, "LeoN".

It's asking which user account to operate on, and supplied "Administrator" as the default, so once again I press Enter, and we get to the reason we're here:

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor Step 6 - account details

Now, obviously there are several choices here. My preference is to clear the password so that no password would be required to login, and of course make sure that the account is enabled. Once done, you can then login to the account in Windows and select a new password.

Use the "Quit" options and further prompts to save data to disk, exit the utility and reboot back into Windows.

Now, naturally, this has only been an overview of one type of operation. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the utility prior to using it, and review the documentation and FAQ on the web site.

So that was pretty simple, right? OK, maybe a little scary if you've never done something like that before, but you can see that it's pretty darned easy.

Reboot from CD, press enter (in most cases) a few times, and *poof* ... the administrator account password is reset and you have access once again.

News: Boston Celtics Wins in Game 7

Paul Pierce and Lebron James came out with a great showdown, and boston winning it at game 7. The Boston escape another close game 7 and will now face the Detroit Piston at the Eastern Conference Final. Paul Pierce gives 41 Pts 4 Rebs, 5 Assists and helped the Boston Celtic to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals...

Boston - 97
Cleaveland - 92

18 May 2008

Game 7 : Boston Celtics vs Cleaveland Cavaliers

The top team in the NBA is again facing elimination against the team of Lebron James, after losing a close game 6 the Boston Celtics will return home and try to win game 7, Watch the Game 7 of the Boston Celtics [vs] Cleaveland Cavaliers live at Sopcast...

Sopcast Channel Will be Updated before the Start of the Game

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Lakers at the Westen Conference Finals, Celtics back at home at Game 7

The King LeBron James lift the Cleaveland Cavaliers and giving the Boston Celtics it 6th consecutive lost at the road. LeBron James scored 32 Pts 12 Rebs, 6 Assists lifting his team to goto game 7. So far Kevin Garnet is the only player in Celtics team to play consistenly, Ray Allen has never been a factor so far in this series against Cleaveland, Paul Pierce is also not playing that consistentlty. Game 7 will be played at the Boston Garden.

The La Lakers defeat the Utah Jazz on their game 6, Kobe Bryant scored 34 Pts 8 Rebs, 6 Assists and advances to the Western Conference Finals and now waiting for the San Atonio and New Orleans match up.

17 May 2008

Game 6 : Boston Celtics vs Cleaveland Cavaliers and La Lakers vs Utah Jazz

++Channels Updated....

The two top team of the West and East will play on the road today so far only the Detroit Piston in the 2nd round manage to win in a road game. Will the Boston Celtics win on the road and qualify to the Eastern Conference finals vs the Detroit piston. While on the other hand will the hurting MVP Kobe help again the La Lakers to bag game six and wait for the Spurs vs Hornet winner on the western conference finals or will the Utah Jazz win it and force game 7.

The San Antonio Spurs wins against the New Orleans Hornets forces the series to go to game 7 and the New Orleans hosting that final game of the series.. So far home court advantage is a big factor in this Playoff..

Watch Game 6 of the Boston Celtics vs Cleaveland Cavaliers & La Lakers vs Utah Jazz live at sopcast or TVU

Boston Celtics vs Cleaveland Cavaliers

La Lakers vs Utah Jazz

16 May 2008

Watch game 6 of the New Orleans Hornet vs San Antonio Spurs live at Sopcast /TVU

+Channels has been updated

Will the Hornet sting the Spurs on game 6 of their best of 7 series. After losing game 5 the San Antonio Spurs will go back home to host game 6, the NBA's Defending champion are in the brink of elimination and will try to force game 7. Watch game 6 of the New Orleans Hornet vs San Antonio Spurs live at Sopcast /TVU

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15 May 2008

Don't Closer to me!

Wag niyo daw siya didikitan! ano ba naman tagalogin na lang :) hehe... my exclamation mark pa sa dulo hehehe... galit yata ang nag lagay nito eh hehehe...

Home Sweet Home

Still winless at the road the Boston Celtics will come back home today to host game 5 of their series against Cleveland Cavaliers. Will the King James takeover the game and beat the Celtics on their home or will the Boston Celtics take game 5 and lead the series.

On the other end the Detroit Piston is now waiting for the the winner of the Boston vs Cleveland series, early today the Detroit piston advances to the Eastern Conference final beating the Orlando Magic 91-86 on Game 5.

La Laker's are also back on their home court after suffering their 1st 2 consecutive lost in 2007-08 NBA playoff. Despite of sore lower back the MVP Kobe Bryant said that he will play game 5 of their series against Utah Jazz showing everyone that he is really the MVP..

Watch Game 5 of the Boston Celtic vs Cleveland Cavaliers Live at Sopcast / TVU

Watch Game 5 of the LA Lakers vs Utah Jazz Live at Sopcast / TVU

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***some of images are taken from NBA.com