07 July 2007

7 7 7

Well they say today ( July 7 2007) its a lucky day hmmm.. is it really true for me???
did luck sided on me today

9am - i woke up...
10am - i drove my mom at her office
11am - i arrived home
12n - i took my lunch
1pm - i fetch my mom from her office
2pm - i arrive home
3pm- i slept
5pm- i woke up/ Watch a movie (Funshui)
7pm - blogging about 7 7 7

What! nothing special happened in the past 10hrs.. i still have 5hrs to be lucky!!!! whehehe


Aileen Apolo said...

Busy day huh. Hehehe.

Rommel said...

it was really a stressful day for me hahahha... thanks for dropping by my blog.... =)