18 November 2007

The Best Thing in Blogging

i have been blogging for almost a year now, and yes its fun and you get to express yourself and say things inside you that you want to share or just some rant or shout-out you want for every of your readers to know. Yes i get to meet new friends and share ideas with them.

It all started December last year where in im trying to look for some extra income, my friend told me to try blogging and put ads on it so that i can earn some extra income on it. long before i know, i realize that i enjoy blogging alot and the extra cash i earn is just a bonus :) .

As of right now i have a total of 10 blogs and 6 of them are active. my Personal blog is http://zoul1380.blogspot.com i hope you visit my site and leave some comment. my blog is all about anything i can think of. Another best thing in blogging is you can post anything you want ofcourse there will be some crtizizm of you post something offensive but hey its your blog. :)

  1. You meet new friends

  2. You earn extra income

  3. you get to express yourself

  4. Exchange of Ideas

  5. Everything is great…. so try blogging now

  6. Lots more im sure

  7. Visit my blog :) http://zoul1380.blogspot.com or http://zoul1380.wordpress.com

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