29 July 2008

Ex-Google Engineer's Cuil

Ex-google engineers launched their own search engine last July 28 2008 called Cuil. They claim that they are the "Largest index of all search engines".

This is another search engine to look forward with.



What is Cuil

Cuil's Philosophy

Cuil's goal is to solve the two great problems of search: how to index the whole Internet-not just part of it-and how to analyze and sort out its pages so you get relevant results.

Cuil's Features

We've created the world's biggest index, and we've also developed useful features to help you search. They're simple to use and help you explore the variety and complexity of the Web.

Cuil's Management

Cuil's team has a long history in search. We've worked on every major breakthrough since search began. Now we've come together to bring you the next generation in search.

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