24 September 2008

Champions Again

We went against an undefeated team in the championship on game 1 of our best of 3 series the blue team easily gets a win over us, after that lost we know that, thats it we will never win against them(blue team) and even some of my teammates gave in to the fact that we will never win against them.

On game 2 of our series after trailing so many points on the 1st 3 quarter of the game we manage to snatch a come from behind win against them and giving us hope that we can def eatable. so come game 3 of our series and saying to ourselves this is it, the last game of the series we never came this far to loose we must WIN thats our goal. Giving all our best for the 4 quarters of the game.

After the 1st quarter of the game we gain the upper hand having a 7 or so point lead against the blue team on the mid 2nd quarter the blue team manages to get a 2 point advantge but that did not discourage us still we manages to take the lead before the end of the 2nd quarter our point guard even manages to throw a buzzer beater shot from the mid court. after that our confidence grew and never look back...

ohh yeah champions again!!!!

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Calvin said...

hindi mo sinulat na laking tulong sa inyo yung pagkawala ng 2 star players namin. hehehe.

-= Me =- said...

di sila nawala nandun sila sa game. do i feel some biterness hehhee///