01 February 2009

How to backup your Yahoo Messenger (YM) Contacts

Years ago my yahoo messenger account was hacked and never retrieve it again, i lost all my YM buddies so i tried my best to remember the email address of some of my buddies so that i can get in touch with them and tell them that my account has been hack and that i have a new account but unfortunately i didn't remember them all and up to know i have retrieve all the contacts that i have lost.

I've found a feature in YM that would let you backup your contacts. all you have to do is create a new YM account after creating your new YM account follow this steps

  1. Login to Yahoo Messenger using your current Yahoo Account.
  2. Click Action and select "Send my messenger List"
  3. on the Send My Messenger List window select the Othe Contact Tab
  4. On the text box enter your new Yahoo Messenger ID. and Click Next
  5. On the next window you can check the Select All check box and click finish to send all your contact to your newly created YM account.
  6. then log-off your account ang login to your newly created YM Account
  7. then there you go you'll recieve all your ym contact on your new ym account.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what an idea.i lost all my contacts