19 May 2010

Stress realease

It's been weeks if not months that i haven't visited my blog. sigh.. Never posted any personal thing for awhile since I transferred to a new company.

Things are working well for me for this past few months last November of 2009 I went to Netherlands for training it was my 1st time out of the country, it was a good experience, i get to know so many nice people from there, experience different culture.

Last February my daughter Reeyen turn 1yr old. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that I've already spend a year with her, having Reeyen in my life totally change me, my priority in life change because of her, I always tend to see to it that i provide all the things she needed and give her the best possible care.I really love my daughter more than anyone else in the world (even my wife hehhe) but don't get me wrong I also love here as much as I love my daughter or i can say a level lower. hehehhe,,. I'm sure my wife will kill me i she reads this but kidding aside I love them both they are my inspiration, my energy and my life. they keep me going.

Lately it's been so stressful to me in the office lots of things to do with so little time, Unlike in my past job I only worry of my task but now I have a higher responsibility cause I'm the team lead of the team,even though I only managed a small group still it's a big responsibility, don;t get me wrong i love my job, they give me the resources to give my family a better living. but there are times that i need a break, I;m happy that i will be taking a time off from office on Friday and Monday that's a total of 4days of rest and relaxation and bonding time with my daughter and wife on the evening .

Due to a stressful weeks, months I forgot that blogging somewhat relive me of my stress. now I rediscover it. hopefully i can retain this phase :)

Tomorrow will be basketball night Wednesday, can't wait to play. they say Work hard, Play even harder and that what I'm going to do tomorrow! :D

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