17 September 2007

e-mail Blogging for Wordpress

Days ago i posted tutorial on how you can setup email blogging using Blogger/Blogspot, but how about wordpress blogger anyway here's an article on how wordpress users can do their own email blogging....

here is an article i've found :)

Step 1 - Setting Things Up: An overview

  1. Login to WordPress with the administration login you use to administer your WordPress blog.

  2. Go to Options > Writing.

  3. Read the instructions under the Writing by Email at the bottom of the page. At the end of these instructions, WordPress will give you three random strings you may use for the login name of the blog-by-email account(postaccount).

  4. You will need to create a new blog-by-email account(postaccount) on your web hosting email server. This is the place where your personal email accounts live. It is not recommended that you use public, free email servers like Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.
    NOTE: Some email servers do not allow numbers-only email accounts or ones starting with a number.

  5. When you are done creating the blog-by-email account(postaccount) on your web hosting email server, return back to Wordpress Options > Writing to fill in the name of the mail server and port number your web hosting provider uses. (If you don't know these, refer to your web hosting provider's FAQ or manual pages. Port number is usually 110.)

  6. Next, enter the login name and password for your new blog-by-email account(postaccount).
    NOTE: The blog-by-email(postaccount) email address should be the complete using user@example.com format, and not just the user name.

  7. Choose the default category for WordPress to assigned posts to when submitted by email.

  8. Click Update Options and you're done!
    Now, send an email to your new blog-by-email account(postaccount). Depending on how you set up Wordpress to process the your new blog-by-email posting, it should work flawlessly.

Read all the steps here


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