21 September 2007

Thursday Morning Cab Adventure

I wish its Friday already so that i can forward to Saturday the following day he he.. anyway this morning i;m really lazy to get up my bed and go to office.. but like i have a choice.. so after a few minutes after waking up i got out my bed.

I decided to take cab going to office so that i can arrive early and beside my foot is hurting to much for me to walk.. while in the cab i realize that the driver taking and taking to much that i can't help but suspect why is he like that.. so i began looking at the cab's meter from time to time to check if he's doing something fishy well my instinct are correct.. the cab's meter is like a water flowing from the river, but i stay calm i just go with the flow.. after 20mins of travel my bill is almost a 100bucks its just 5bucks short of going to 100, it would only cause me 60-70bucks going to office, so i realize that karma would strike him eventually, anyway i step out of the cab and the slowly drove off all of a sudden the cab driver shouted at me and told me that i left my cell phone on his cab. whew. i think my 100bucks is worthed or he just don't want that 2x karma would strike him.. whatever it is thanks anyway... to the cab driver : fix your meter its bad to cheat... but it's kudos to you... you return my phone :)

Ayos sa taxi Mercedez!!! whehehe....

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