17 June 2010


Let me introduce myself I'm look at the title.

Things you want to know about me.
  • I'm a software developer by profession
  • I like playing
    • Basketball
    • Football (Soccer)
    • Computer Games (Genre : Sports, Action, Strategy)
  • I like going out with friends
  • Some tell me I'm a funny guy (I am i think)
  • Etc...
Things I would post here in my blog
  • Personal stuff that is worth to share like my rants, rave, experiences, tips, etc...
  • Techie stuff like computers, gadgets, games, software
  • Programming (I'm a software developer I might as well post some useful codes that I made that can help software developers like me.
  • Sports (Basketball, Football, Boxing, any sports of my interest...)
  • Etc... (I think I can post anything I want since this is my blog right?
Oh yeah before I forgot you can follow me at twitter http://www.twitter.com/zoul1380

no questions? great!

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