27 September 2010

House / Lot Hunting

This is the only image I've taken in the entire house hunting this is in Somerset Pasig.

Today we went out to check out on some house / lot that we are interested in, we checked on 3 sites but I only remember 2 of them the house at Somerset Pasig and in Grand Monaco also in Pasig. This 2 sites stands the best for me. 

The house that we went on Somerset caught my attention the best cause in my opinion it has a good location and a very good community. It has wide road and good house designs, although it is quit pricey but I think it is worth it.

Then the Lot that at Grand Monaco, still not expensive cause it is still in it's pre-selling stage, but there are house that i think 70% finished. What I like about this site it is near C5 and near Mandaluyong, Taguig, Makati , QC. so it's a plus point for me still decision has to be made this week.

So what will it be Somerset or Grand Monaco???

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geni said...

how much mga bahay dyan? ung range... :)