29 October 2008

Attention MyDestiny Internet

DestinySucks copy.jpgThis is an open letter to MyDestiny Internet I'm having a very unreliable internet connection this past months i tried communicating with your CUSTOMER CARE group but to no avail.

Let me enumerate the problems I ALWAYS experience on your Tech Support

  1. Phone is either unattended(turned off) or just continues on ringing or it rings and after a few rings the call will be rejected.(busy tone after ring)
  2. if I'm lucky i will have a chance to talk to your tech support telling me things i already did even if said to them that i already did it (i think procedure but I'm not dumb i know what I'm doing)
  3. when I'm super lucky a Tech Support will come to our place and check our connection telling me your connection is OK all they have to do is just adjust something on the line. Just like hours back they told me that same thing again ok but after a few hours of fixing the problem here it is again the problem is BACK!!! (F***!)
  4. If i called on the evening and talk to a customer support they will ask me the usual question and after that they will tell me to follow-up on the following morning(WTH! I have to follow-up it in the morning. well it happened that i ask them to send a technical support on my place to check on my internet connection, I didn't follow-up in the following morning and guess what they also didn't follow-up and no technical support came in to check my connection that following day and the days after that... very convenient!)

anyway to cut the story short your customer service really sucks! sorry for the harsh words but this is what i feel, I think you should take care of your subscriber more. so as of right now i wont recommend your internet services....

DestinySucks copy.jpg


calvin said...

lipat na kasi. kaya di ka nakakasali sa draft eh. :P

pg said...

I knowwwwww, right? :S

-= Me =- said...

thanks for dropping by... :)

Anonymous said...

MyDestiny cable internet's service sucks, big time! Those in the technical support are rude. Ask for a rebate, and they will refer you to Ms. Leah "LLaban" ( I didn't get her surname, right), who will surely give you that rude treatment in sure MyDestiny fashion.

--subscribers of Greenhills Garden Square

Anonymous said...

This is funny. I had my connection done last Sunday, September 20, 2009. Activated september 21, 2009. Haven't had any decent connection since then. Always no cable and no internet every night.

I'm searching for the email address of the president and I am going to their office tommorow.

Good luck to them!

-= Me =- said...

Good Luck sa kanila.. ginawa ko na rin dati yan. then demand for a rebate.