13 October 2008

How I earned my first Google check in 3 months Part 1?

I got my first Google Adsense check 3 months after i started using it. and here is what i did.

At first I thought earning in Google Adsense is easy as 1 2 3. But It was not that easy. So what I did is search for way on how to earn using Adsense the first thing I've learned is that I have to generate traffic on my blog, so what did I do?

Here is a list on how I did publicize my blog

1. Add my Blog on the leading search engine I know

a. Google

b. Yahoo

c. MSN

2. I joined groups and forums. Here is a tip join a group or forum that is related to your blog topics

a. Google Group

b. Yahoo Group

3. Visit somebody else's blog and leave comments on his/her blog. And try to make friends with that publisher and ask if you can link exchange

To Be Continued…

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