04 May 2008

Ben's Burjer

Ben's Burjer ang pinaka controversial na burger dito ngayon sa Pinas dahil nga nainvolve ito sa scandal sa gobyerno. Anyway Ben's Burjer can be located at Mandaluyong at Barangka Drive Near McDonalds it is exactly infront of the tricycle station..

Last Saturday out of curiosity me and my gf tried their so called Burjer. We ordered a cheese burger. well there is nothing extra-ordinary about their burger it tasted a normal cheese burger but costs a little more. Right after we finish eating I told my girlfriend that it's better to eat burger at Burger Machine. here are some picture taken while we were there. But don't take my word about the burger you can always try it so that you can satisfy your curiosity about the Ben's Burjer...

Here is it the Famous Burjer

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