09 May 2008

Watch Game2 of Boston Celtic vs Cleavland Cavaliers


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James promise to have a good game on game 2 vs the Boston Celtics saying "I can't play no worst than I did last night," James said Wednesday. Watch Game 2 of the Boston Celtics vs Cleavland Cavaliers live
at Sopcast/TVU player...

Will the San Antonio Spurs win on their home court against the raging team of Chris Paul? Falling 0-2 the San Antonio spurs is hoping
that they can win on their home court. See if they will prevail... Watch it live at Sopcast/TVU player...


icy said...

Lebron James got to make his outside shots in order to win this series.

The Spurs will come back and beat Hornets, Go MANU!

-= Me =- said...

yup. Lebron should make his outside shot. experience will make a diffrence in the spurs and hornets game