11 May 2008

Watch Game 3 of Boston vs Cavaliers : Lakers Suffer 1st Lost

The LA Lakers suffer it's first lost in the 2007-2008 play-off, despite of all the effort to tie or win the game on the final 2min, The mishandled pass by Walton and Gasol seal the victory to the Utah Jazz. Carlos Boozer carry the Utah Jazz for a win scoring 27pts and 20reb including a couple of basket at the final 2mins of the game.

Will the Cleavland Cavaliers also win at their home court? After losing 2games at the Boston Celtic's home court, the Cleaveland Cavaliers are hoping that they'll get the same fate that the Utah Jazz against the LA Lakers.

Ben Wallace is doubtful to play game 3 due to allergies and a left ear infection.

Watch Game 3 of Boston Celtics vs Cleavland Cavaliers and Detroit Piston vs Orlando Magic Live at Sopcast/TVU.

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