15 May 2008

Home Sweet Home

Still winless at the road the Boston Celtics will come back home today to host game 5 of their series against Cleveland Cavaliers. Will the King James takeover the game and beat the Celtics on their home or will the Boston Celtics take game 5 and lead the series.

On the other end the Detroit Piston is now waiting for the the winner of the Boston vs Cleveland series, early today the Detroit piston advances to the Eastern Conference final beating the Orlando Magic 91-86 on Game 5.

La Laker's are also back on their home court after suffering their 1st 2 consecutive lost in 2007-08 NBA playoff. Despite of sore lower back the MVP Kobe Bryant said that he will play game 5 of their series against Utah Jazz showing everyone that he is really the MVP..

Watch Game 5 of the Boston Celtic vs Cleveland Cavaliers Live at Sopcast / TVU

Watch Game 5 of the LA Lakers vs Utah Jazz Live at Sopcast / TVU

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***some of images are taken from NBA.com

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