01 May 2008


Different Brands of Condoms...

  1. Rexona Condoms. It won' t let you down!
  2. Superwheel Condoms. Konting kuskos, ayos!
  3. Axion Condoms. Walang dulas, walang amoy!
  4. M & M Condoms. Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.
  5. Motolite Condoms. Tested na pangmatagalan
  6. Pantene Condoms. Less at the roots, more at the tips.
  7. Ivory Condoms. Ang gaan ng feeling, sumusunod sa hangin.
  8. Johnson's Pure Essentials Condoms. Because the baby is now a lady.
  9. Max's Condoms. Sarap to the bones!
  10. White Castle Condoms. Madulas sa lalamunan at walang hangover!
  11. Eveready Condoms. May lakas sa loob na tumatagal.
  12. Energizer Condoms. It keeps on going and going, going...
  13. Dari Creme Condoms. Pinipili ng mas mapiling ina.
  14. DingDong Condoms. May laruan na, may yummy-yummy pa!
  15. Sprite Condoms. Obey your thirst!
  16. Selecta Condoms. You simply must!
  17. Maggie me and my Mug Condoms. Ang solusyon sa mini-gutom!
  18. Polo Condoms. It's got a hole in the middle and a mild minty taste.
  19. Gatorade Condoms. Quenches deep down body thirst!
  20. Mentos Condoms. Hard on the outside, soft and chewy inside.
  21. Purefoods Condoms. Tender juicy!
  22. Barney's Condoms. A biteful of fun!
  23. Zaa Natures Touch Condoms. Tanggal ang singaw mo, safe pa ang ngipin mo..
  24. Flinstones Chewables Condoms. Six flavors and seven shapes, yabbadabbadoo!
  25. Greencross Condoms. Mainit-init at greaseless pa!
  26. PLDT Condoms. Touching lives!
  27. Greenwich Condoms. Give in to your taste
  28. Strepsils Condoms. It works fast, really fast...
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